Our Commitment

Google is committed to technology for good in Hong Kong. We will continue to lead Hong Kong’s digital transformation through the following key initiatives:

ShareJoy campaign, featuring the HO JENG AR app. A citywide campaign that focused on raising the awareness of wellbeing, promoting technology for the community, and boosting interesting STEM education in Hong Kong. The free, augmented reality-enabled app along with six iconic characters designed for Hong Kong helps people discover the city with technology and spread positive messages. What’s more is the collaboration with local merchants and NGOs to boost the local economy and show care to each other. Learn more.

Smarter Digital City whitepaper series / research project. Since 2017, Google Hong Kong is committed to supporting the city’s smart city development and businesses’ digital transformation. The years-long research focuses on understanding trends and progress of the city’s digitisation, along with helpful recommendations to key stakeholders supporting technology for good and economic recovery and opportunity. Learn more.

Talent Empowerment. Google Hong Kong offers a wide range of educational resources and online programs, promotes knowledge exchange with local institutions and educators, and shares best practices in collaboration with Google for Educators groups. Building on the efforts in Grow with Google, we aim to promote digital upskilling, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Learn more

Google Initiatives