A Smarter Hong Kong Today

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Never stop learning, thrive with positive mindset and creativity.

With Hong Kong businesses and schools offering more opportunities to work and learn online, there is no better time than now to embrace a digital lifestyle. To take advantage of new digital opportunities, we’ve curated a library of Google’s free online courses and educational resources for Hong Kong communities to continue their learning journey, whether to strengthen foundations or develop next-level skills that can help them in their daily lives, wherever they are.

  • Future Digital Talents / Students - gain a competitive advantage in today’s evolving economy and prepare for the career you want by learning new skills. (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Educators - bring your classroom to life (even remotely) and help your students get the skills they need to prepare for tomorrow’s jobs.  (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Digital Marketing Gurus - grow your digital marketing skills: learn how to achieve your marketing objectives with Google’s professional tools and solutions. (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Researchers / Developers - stay on top of the latest technology by sharpening your current skills and mastering new ones. (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Businesses - learn how to grow your business by using digital tools that help you connect with customers, collaborate with your team more efficiently, and expand to new markets. (Download PDF to see resources)

Our Commitment

With 89% of Hong Kongers already living online, the internet has created new opportunities for millions - from entrepreneurs and businesses to developers, creators and the general public. Google is committed to strengthening the city’s digital economy with a thriving ecosystem while helping businesses tap into the latest digital solutions and develop digital skills made for success.

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