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With Hong Kong businesses and schools offering more opportunities to work and learn online, there is no better time than now to embrace a digital lifestyle. To take advantage of new digital opportunities, we’ve curated a library of Google’s free online courses and educational resources for Hong Kong communities to continue their learning journey, whether to strengthen foundations or develop next-level skills that can help them in their daily lives, wherever they are.

  • Future Digital Talents / Students - gain a competitive advantage in today’s evolving economy and prepare for the career you want by learning new skills. (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Educators - bring your classroom to life (even remotely) and help your students get the skills they need to prepare for tomorrow’s jobs.  (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Digital Marketing Gurus - grow your digital marketing skills: learn how to achieve your marketing objectives with Google’s professional tools and solutions. (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Researchers / Developers - stay on top of the latest technology by sharpening your current skills and mastering new ones. (Download PDF to see resources)
  • Businesses - learn how to grow your business by using digital tools that help you connect with customers, collaborate with your team more efficiently, and expand to new markets. (Download PDF to see resources)

Cultivating tomorrow’s digital talent

The demand for digital skills continues to grow exponentially in Hong Kong, but with a lack of the right talent, businesses are slow in progress. To bridge this talent gap, Grow with Google was launched to help Hong Kong’s workforce go truly digital.

Grow with Google offers students, professionals, and businesses the best tools and resources by Google to grow in-demand digital skills through a series of educational programs.

This year, Grow with Google will focus its programs on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to prepare everyone for a smarter Hong Kong. Hong Kong will be the first globally to introduce the Explore ML program, which is a Google curriculum for university students to get started with machine learning. This year, over 3,000 students, teachers, and professionals will receive machine learning training through Google programs in Hong Kong.

Upgrading Hong Kong’s workforce with digital skills

In May 2018, Google introduced Digital Garage to train Hong Kongers in digital marketing skills. This initiative aims to help the workforce keep up with growing business demands for digital talent while connecting businesses to online customers and new markets.

Participants can customise a self-paced learning path, choosing from 26 digital marketing topics such as building an online presence, running social media marketing, and using mobile capabilities to attract customers.

By the end of 2019, 25,000 Hong Kongers, including students, job seekers, and small business owners will have been trained through our various digital skills programs under the Grow with Google initiative, with a commitment to train 50,000 by end of 2020.

Google offers Digital Garage courses online and offline workshops in Cantonese, available both online and offline.

We found the [Digital Garage] program to be very fruitful and all the students we met were of high standard. I really appreciate all the preparation work done.

Winnie Chan, Vice President of CSL Mobile Limited (HKT Limited)

Inspiring the next generation of technologists

A strong educational foundation in computer science (CS) and engineering is essential to cultivate Hong Kong’s digital talent. We first brought Google CS First, a free computer science curriculum, to Hong Kong in 2016. Together with schools and NGOs, we promote coding education and computer sciences in the city. We have been collaborating with local schools and nonprofit organisations to promote the CS First program, and feature respective modules in other youth-focused training programs. We also conducted Train-the-Trainer sessions, empowering local teachers and volunteers to host their own classes and clubs.

So far, over 2,000 students in Hong Kong have participated in the CS First classes. Throughout 2019, Google aims to train 2,000 students, 50 Trainers, and conduct 50 Train-the-Trainer sessions, and offer more content in Cantonese.

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