Accelerating Hong Kong’s digital transformation

Our latest Smarter Digital City 2.0 research shows Hong Kong residents' growing awareness and expectation in seeing the city’s digitisation, yet gaps in digital skills and talent remain. The outlook is positive, with local residents ready for digitisation, corporates investing more in digital transformation, and the Greater Bay Area initiative becoming a potential catalyst.

With a highly connected population, there's plenty of opportunity for the city and its businesses to expand their digital footprint and accelerate their growth. Google is helping Hong Kong companies succeed online through digital marketing, cloud-based tools, consulting, and business insights.

*Google's Smarter Digital City Whitepaper 2018 is authored by Ipsos.

Powering e-commerce through digital marketing

When HKTVmall launched in 2015, the online retailer quickly set its sights on becoming Hong Kong’s largest online shopping mall. At first, the company was skeptical of digital marketing and relied heavily on traditional media but with 130,000 items online and no easy way to showcase their breadth of inventory, they struggled to reach a wider audience.

To help HKTVmall realize the potential of digital marketing, Google worked with the company to promote its range of products with easily managed online ads that showcased products in a simple, creative way.

This effort not only significantly increased the reach of HKTVmall's online campaign, but helped to streamline the shopping experience for customers as well. Now, by reaching consumers right when they're searching for specific products that the company sells, HKTV is seeing an upswing in sales.

Additionally, HKTVmall launched an SME merchant partnership program with Google, which includes free digital marketing support and free access to multimedia production facilities. By lowering the barriers to entry for establishing an e-commerce business on HKTVmall, more small retailers can start building their businesses more quickly.

Bringing the stories of Hong Kong into the living rooms and devices around the world

Popular with Hong Kong residents as well as the Chinese diaspora around the world, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is an iconic production house and broadcasting company since its founding in 1967. Each year, it creates about 700 hours of dramas and more than 23,000 hours of news, variety, travel, and entertainment programmes for its five digital HD channels.

With the goal of sharing Hong Kong culture to the millions of Chinese living overseas, TVB created a strategic partnership with Google to grow both domestic and international audiences.

As a result, Google helped TVB start to monetize its extensive programming inventory. Now, viewers can use desktop, mobile, or set-top box to enjoy premium content from 50 years of video archives.

Transforming a time-honored publication to tell China’s technology stories

As the preeminent English newspaper in Hong Kong, South China Morning Post has been the paper of record for over a century. The economic rise of China and the technological revolution that has accompanied it offered the SCMP a unique position to tell the China story to the world.

To accelerate its process to become a global media company and reach new audiences, SCMP teamed up with Google to embrace digital transformation.

SCMP launched the first immersive storytelling partnership in Asia Pacific, through a partnership with Google News Lab, and is now using multiple Google products to run other parts of its business, too. And wIth its new Inkstone App, which works on Google Assistant, SCMP offers a new format and user experience that helps it target more readers from around the world.

Establishing a strong digital voice in Hong Kong

As digital marketing plays an increasingly important role in the growing Hong Kong marketplace, Google is committed to helping the advertising and marketing community embrace global best practices, deliver a better consumer experience, and develop new digital marketing talent.

That’s why we’re proud to be a founding member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Hong Kong powered by Hong Kong Digital Marketing Association (HKDMA), established in 2018.

Along with six other companies (comScore, DaVinci 11, Facebook, Next Digital, Oath, and South China Morning Post), we launched the new, not-for-profit association in affiliation with the IAB Global Network a year after founding the original HKDMA, with the goal of shaping the industry’s future as more traditional companies move to digital. Offerings include panel discussions and other educational opportunities, networking events, and cutting-edge research.

See a video recap of HKDMA’s activities, plus examples of how IAB Hong Kong facilitates conversations with key local thought leaders like SCMP CEO, Gary Liu, on the IAB YouTube page.

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