How can Hong Kong become a Smarter Digital City?

From 2017 to 2019, Google Hong Kong published a series of annual research reports, Smarter Digital City (SDC), to explore themes, provide recommendations, and track progress related to this question. Hong Kong’s digitisation has gathered pace, and the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning came to the fore with AI remaining top of mind for policymakers, businesses, and residents.

2020 - 2022: “AI for Everyone”, a continuation of the Smarter Digital City series

Starting from 2020, Google Hong Kong embarked on a new three-year program of longitudinal research delving specifically into the topic of AI adoption and readiness in Hong Kong. Overall, both residents and businesses recognise the value of AI and the need to equip AI-related knowledge. Policymakers play a crucial role in uniting multiple stakeholders and fueling the advancement of AI adoption. This new report outlines how adopting technology and realising the benefits of AI assist the city’s recovery.

Download the full report “Smarter Digital City - AI for Everyone”.

Resident AI Readiness Index score is 50 out of 100

Hong Kong residents show high confidence (56 out of 100) and openness toward AI usage (64 out of 100), gaps in knowledge and transparency of data use yet to be improved.

Residents also recognise the importance of acquiring AI knowledge to stay competitive

66% of Hong Kong residents think it is important to equip AI-related knowledge to stay competitive.

Top 3 areas to learn:

● General understanding of AI and Machine Learning

● Application and use cases of AI and Machine Learning

● Data science and data analytics

Business AI Readiness Index score is 56 out of 100

Hong Kong businesses are confident with AI (64 out of 100) and keen to invest (66 out of 100), but capability and expertise gaps exist.

Business AI Readiness Index by Industry Sectors (score 0-100)

Finance sector (63 out of 100) is pioneering AI adoption, followed by the Technology & Innovation sector (59 out of 100).

Travel & Logistics (53 out of 100) and Retail sectors (51 out of 100) need to catch up as the growing tech-savviness of residents has created imperative for better customer services through the use of data.

Business is keen to adopt AI for economic recovery

78% of Hong Kong businesses believe AI is beneficial and can bring improvements.

Top 3 achievement objectives:

● Improve Quality

● Efficiency & Optimization

● Customer experience and offers

Businesses are eager to train their employees to close the gaps

83% of Hong Kong businesses have already implemented or are planning to implement training programs to develop AI capabilities and expertise.

Top 3 initiatives business want to train their staff:

● AI enabled digital marketing

● Data science & Data analytics

● App development

Download the full “Smarter Digital City - AI for Everyone” whitepaper."

For previous reports, please see SDC 3.0 in 2019, SDC 2.0 in 2018 and SDC in 2017.

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