How can Hong Kong businesses grow globally?

In the face of COVID-19, businesses have been adapting and reinventing themselves on the fly. The pandemic has fundamentally transformed the ways of doing business and trailblased a paradigm shift to digital for all. In Hong Kong’s new normal, more and more businesses are searching for ways to diversify their customer base and generate new streams of revenue.

In this context, export enabled by digital has emerged as an important means that can help firms weather unpredictable market turbulence moving forward. One such example is KicksCrew, a local sneaker retailer that had aspirations to sell online and become a global player in the international sneaker movement. By partnering with Google on digitalisation, KicksCrew successfully managed to build its online marketplace and now ships to many markets worldwide. Nonetheless, companies in Hong Kong may not realise that they have the ability to be successful exporters or currently lack the know-how to do so. To help address this gap, Grow with Google partnered with The Hong Kong Trade Development Council‘s Transformation Sandbox (T-box) to launch the Google Export Program to teach SMBs how to go global step-by-step.

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2022: “A Refreshed Look at Export”, a continuation of the Smarter Digital City research series

How can Hong Kong become a Smarter Digital City? Since 2017, Google Hong Kong has published a series of annual research reports, Smarter Digital City (SDC), to explore themes, provide recommendations, and track progress related to this question.

This year, the research focuses on helping local companies better understand export opportunities and how they can best leverage digital tools to go global and realize a world of potential.

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Global export revenue share of Hong Kong exporters has increased by 9 percentage points in the past year.

Convenience of e-commerce and increased profit margin have triggered SMBs to export globally. .

68% Hong Kong exporters plan to increase digital investment in 2022.

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