Fostering digital entrepreneurship

In a fast-evolving digital economy, Hong Kong’s local talent needs the latest technology and resources to innovate and succeed on the global stage. Google supports developers and entrepreneurs with digital marketing insights, tools, and mentorship to help them expand their skills and reach new markets. Google is also providing video creators with top-notch production facilities, while giving them access to a strong, supportive community of like-minded digital talent.

Providing a platform for local game developers to succeed

Hong Kong has a fast-growing pool of talented independent game developers. Google is helping to train and promote local talent through a dynamic apps marketplace with a global audience. Specifically, Indie Corner was introduced within the Play Store to feature the latest and most innovative local apps. Google also works closely with developers to provide the training and tools required to compete globally.

Building better games with the help of user insights

Since its 2014 launch, Twitchy Finger has become one of the region’s top game producers, with releases such as "Mini Legend," "Be A Man: Do the Right Thing," and "Furball Rampage.” Using Google Play developer tools, Twitchy Finger has been able to gain user insights and fine-tune its games, increasing its reach to over five million users worldwide.

“With the effort of the Play team, “Mini Legend” was listed as the top app when it launched in Asian regions. Hong Kong was a good test market, but testing Chinese and English players provided insight for breaking into North America and Europe.”

Edward Li, Co-founder of Twitchy Finger
Building better games with the help of user insights

Getting 20x more app downloads after going global

Skytree gained success with the musical game “Hachi Hachi,” which launched on the Play Store in July 2015. With support and strategic consumer insight analysis from the Google Play team, Skytree captured a global audience for the game, with 20 times more downloads than its previous launches.

“The Play team supports developers with tools that test user response when gaming images are changing. This helped us fine-tune the gameplay and made the app a huge success.”

Silver Yu, CEO at Skytree Digital Limited
Getting 20x more app downloads after going global

Building an ecosystem for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of Hong Kong’s soul. To fuel this spirit, Google empowers startups and entrepreneurs to succeed through strategic support across consumer insights, marketing opportunities, and data analytics, as well as overall guidance and mentorship.


A unique app and website for travelers to discover and book curated activities, tours, and attractions around the globe, Hong Kong startup Klook has become one of the world’s leading travel activities and services booking platforms, with over 40,000 offerings covering 200 destinations.

As it expanded globally, Klook looked to Google for support on traveler insights, app and website audits, and optimization strategies to deliver an improved customer experience.

Now, the Klook app and website attracts over 15 million visits a month and the app is consistently one of the most popular in the Google Play Store in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. With a team of 500 across 15 offices worldwide, Klook has also raised close to US$300 million in investment from firms such as Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, and Goldman Sachs. The company hopes to continue expanding its operations across the United States and Europe.


SHOPLINE is a homegrown Hong Kong startup powering online retail for local Hong Kong entrepreneurs and more than 120,000 brands across Asia. Besides helping business owners establish their online shop, the company also supports their growth with marketing and advertising features tailored for their needs.

To offer a seamless experience for merchants, SHOPLINE integrated its offerings with Google APIs. As a result, it’s easy for merchants to promote their inventory, reach interested consumers, and increase sales globally.

Setting the stage for YouTube Creators to shine

Everyone has a story to tell. They just need the right stage on which to tell it. Using YouTube as a platform, Google provides Hong Kong artists and creators the opportunity to turn their passion into a profession, and share their culture with a worldwide audience.

Specifically, Google helps artists learn how to create quality content, provides access to world-class recording and editing technology, connects them to an international fan base, and encourages them to forge relationships with other creators, thereby building a highly collaborative and scalable creative ecosystem.


KZee & Mabo, falllab


“I started sharing my gaming life on the YouTube platform only out of my personal interest. Who knew creating videos is such a cool, refreshing experience. Once you’ve started, you just can’t stop. So I found the falllab team. In the spirit of exploration, we want to take our audience, kiddos or grown-ups, to discover and realize all fantasies!”

Sunny, arhoTV


“I quit my job and got myself into the world of YouTube at the end of 2016. This decision led me to embrace something more important than money. From music production to everyday clips, YouTube allows me to pass on my imagination and creativity to different people. While providing entertainment to my audience, it’s also a life enrichment experience for myself.”

Ahhin (Hins)

Ah Hin, Ahhin (Hins)

Ahhin (Hins)

“I was very shy and passive in everything. YouTube gives me a way to improve my talents so I am able to stick to it until now and keep sharing with other people on this platform. So don’t run away from anything. Keep going with perseverance and you’ll find your own path.”

Google Initiatives