Empowering digital entrepreneurship

In a fast-evolving digital economy, Hong Kong’s talent needs to keep innovating with the latest technology and resources to succeed on the global stage. Google has been supporting developers and entrepreneurs with digital marketing insights, tools, and mentorship to help expand their skills and reach new markets.

Google also continues to provide video creators with top-notch production facilities while connecting them to a supportive community of like-minded digital talent.

Helping Hong Kong developers grow

With a fast-growing pool of independent talented game developers in Hong Kong, Google is committed to them grow. The Google Play store provides a platform to showcase apps made by local developers while featuring the latest and most innovative apps to a global audience.

Google also works closely with Hong Kong’s game developers, providing training and tools to help them compete in a digital world.

Scale fast with Google Play

Slowly, an app designed by Hong Kong developers Kevin Wong and JoJo Chan won the Google Play Award 2019 - “Best Breakthrough App” during Google I/O 2019—a first nomination and win for Hong Kong. In an era of instant messaging, this homegrown developer duo promotes mindful and meaningful communication, and lets you connect with pen pals who share your passion—with some even exchanging over 10,000 words! The app offers specially designed stamps, and is available in 21 languages. The app attracts over 1 million downloads globally in just one year after going live on Google Play.

Scale fast with Google Play

Going global for better reach

With Google Play’s support and strategic consumer insights, Skytree went global with the musical game ‘Hachi Hachi’ on the Google Play Store which was downloaded over 20 more times than its previous launches, while the recent launch of ‘Trillionia’ also won the HK ICT Awards 2019: Digital Entertainment Award.

"The Google Play team supports developers with tools that tested user response when gaming images are changing. This helped us fine-tune the gameplay and made the app a huge success."

Silver Yu, CEO at Skytree Digital Limited
Going global for better reach

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem

To fuel Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial spirit, Google stays committed to empowering more startups and entrepreneurs through strategic support across consumer insights, marketing opportunities, data analytics, as well as overall guidance and mentorship.

Google also continues to provide video creators with global platform to showcase their creativity, while connecting them to a supportive community of like-minded creators.

Optimising strategies for the global economy

Klook, a world-leading travel activities and services booking platform originated in Hong Kong, empowers travelers to discover and book over 100,000 offerings in more than 350 destinations around the world. It provides a seamless way for travelers to explore popular attractions, tours, local transportation, food and beverage, and unique experiences on its website and award-winning app. Google provided insightful advertising strategies and platform audits to improve the booking experience, expanding its user base globally.

The successful mobile-first platform attracts over 30 million visits monthly, and is consistently one of the most popular Google Play Store apps in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Klook has also raised over US$520 million in funding from world-renowned investors such as Sequoia Capital, Softbank Vision Fund, Matrix Partners, Goldman Sachs, and TCV. The company is expanding globally to Europe and the US while maintaining its strong momentum in Asia Pacific.

Providing an integrated merchant experience

SHOPLINE powers online retail for local entrepreneurs and over 120,000 brands across Asia. Besides helping businesses establish their online shops, the homegrown startup also supports their growth with tailored marketing and advertising features to optimise their reach.

To offer a seamless merchant experience, SHOPLINE integrated its offerings with Google APIs, making it easy to promote inventories, reach relevant consumers, and increase sales globally.

Setting the stage for content creators

YouTube has been helping Hong Kong artists and creators turn passions into professional storytelling with quality content. Truly collaborative, creative and scalable, Google's ecosystem connects creators to an international fanbase, while helping fellow creators build meaningful relationships for the most engaging online community.

The Creator Spotlight Program was also launched to feature up-and-rising YouTube creators to help them reach a more diverse audience. It aims to accelerate their growth as successful entrepreneurs while encouraging quality content for the community to keep doing what they love.


KZee & Mabo, falllab


“I started sharing my gaming life on the YouTube platform only out of my personal interest. Who knew creating videos is such a cool, refreshing experience? Once you’ve started, you just can’t stop and so, I found the falllab team. In the spirit of exploration, we want to take our audience, kiddos or grown-ups, to discover and realise every fantasy!”

Sunny, arhoTV


“I quit my job and got myself into the world of YouTube at the end of 2016. This decision led me to embrace something more important than money. From music production to everyday clips, YouTube allows me to pass on my imagination and creativity to different people. While providing entertainment to my audience, it’s also a life enrichment experience for myself.”

Ahhin (Hins)

Ah Hin, Ahhin (Hins)

Ahhin (Hins)

“I was very shy and passive in everything. YouTube gives me a way to improve my talents so I am able to stick to it and keep sharing with other people on this platform. So don’t run away from anything. Keep going with perseverance and you’ll find your own path.”

Google Initiatives